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Explore the new Ford Edge Midsize SUV near Milford, CT

Looking for a new SUV? Look no further than Stevens Ford of Milford, where we're well-stocked with a wide range of new Ford crossovers and SUVs to suit nearly everyone's needs here in Milford and beyond! Interested in learning more about the Ford Edge, which is one of our most popular-selling SUVs? Here's what we love about this Ford model, and think you will, too...

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2018 Ford F-150; Towing Made Better

It's an age-old problem of trailering, and it's something you must do every time you hitch something to your truck, backing up. But those days are about to be gone thanks to the advanced trailer technology of the 2018 Ford F-150. The Ford F150 brings several features to the table that make towing the easiest it's ever been and again sets the bar for trucks to come. Explore the advanced technology below and then see it for yourself when you visit Stevens Ford in Milford, CT.

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5 Maintenance Tips to Get Your Ride Ready for Spring

Every year we make our way through the dreary winter months and into warmer weather, but we often forget about how harsh the winter is on our vehicles. Winter weather conditions are tough on roads causing our vehicles to take damage and add ice solvents like salt, and your vehicle can face some bad issues. To help our neighbors get their vehicles prepped for the Spring we have outlined five maintenance tips for you. If you would like your vehicle to get the attention, it needs by certified technicians, schedule a service appointment online and visit our service center in…

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The 2018 Ford Edge Delivers Interior Comfort and Athletic Performance

For many SUV drivers, the mid-size segment is the class that feels just right. Not too big and not too small, a good mid-size SUV can deliver a winning combination of interior space, under the hood performance, and great features. The growing popularity of the mid-size class has led many automakers to try and up their game with things like third-row seating. The 2018 Ford Edge is a perfect example of how to produce a mid-size properly.

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Your First Look at the Upcoming 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel Truck

There's an addition coming soon to the 2018 Ford F-150 model lineup and it's definitely going to catch your attention: it's a diesel-powered iteration and drivers demanding the most muscle will absolutely love what it's going to offer! Packing a 3.0-liter V6 Power Stroke Diesel engine, it will produce 250 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque so you'll never question whether you have the muscle you need or not ever again. There's more details in the TestDrivenTV video below, so take a look and see it in action:


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Financing vs. Leasing

Which is right for you?

When you buy a new vehicle there are a lot of considerations to make, but the biggest decision may be just how you're paying for it. Many people ask whether leasing or financing is a better choice, but there's no cover-all solution as each decision offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn if financing or leasing near Milford is right for you.


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Top Five Reasons to Buy a Ford

The Ford brand is one of the bestselling automotive brands around the world, and is virtually synonymous with American vehicles. At Stevens Ford, we have been providing the Milford area with Ford vehicles since 1969, so we know a thing or two about what makes these vehicles tick. Read on to learn why we think you should buy a Ford today.


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Time to Switch to Winter Tires

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If you spend a lot of your time on or near Milford roads, you know that snow is pretty much unavoidable when winter sets in. Does your vehicle have winter tires on yet? If not, now is the time to make the switch. Summer tires won't make the cut and even all-seasons tend to struggle through the ice and snow that cover the roads this time of year. For your safety, we highly recommend making an appointment at our dealership to change over to winter tires. Wondering what makes winter tires special? Here are some key differences that make…

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